Production Services

Our global focus and local knowledge make us a unique partner for foreign companies shooting in Australia. Either as a co-producers or providers of specific production services we can help you take advantage of Australia’s ideal production environment, and put more of your budget on-screen. Our Producers and Production Managers are the best in the Australia with experience in every genre – Reality, Documentary, Live Events, Drama, Childrens’, Commercials.

  • We can provide Show Runners, Line Producers / Fixers. Complete Production Management.
  • We will ensure the very best deals on local facilities hire, travel costs and accommodation.
  • We have the best crews, editors and casting producers. Our scouts will find the perfect locations for your show.
  • To simplify things at your end, we have Legal and Accounting services, and can help with visa and customs issues.
  • We’ll help you take advantage of Australia’s increased Government tax rebates and incentives, co-production and sponsorship opportunities.
  • We have worked successfully with clients from France, Spain and the USA already.
  • Australia offers stunning locations: Beaches, Mountains, Desert, Jungles, Modern cities, Country towns, Deserted tropical islands.
  • We can access world-class studios, infrastructure, post-production and VFX facilities.